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Artificial Turf


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All 3 Turf packages include the following high quality material and labor for a complete installation on your perfect synthetic lawn system:
  • Design Layout
  • Excavate 4″ to 5″ inches of existing soil (for solid foundation and drainage)
  • Backfill with class II Road Base and compact with plate compactor
  • Apply DG to fill in any voids and compact with plate compactor
  • Custom fit artificial grass to project area
  • Anchor turf using 6″ inch galvanized spikes
  • Lock-in turf edging
  • Apply in-fill to turf and brush blades to upright position for a well manicured lawn

The only drawback to artificial turf is how are you going to spend the extra time now that you never have to water, weed or mow your lawn again!