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Do It Yourself

Demo, Prep and Save!

MCT Installation Program

*From $3.99 per sq.ft.

Install Yourself and Save!

Install Yourself and Save!

Artificial Turf

Now you can save Thousands in labor cost by Demo and prep on your own artificial turf project and still have a valid warranty with the manufacturer. That's right! all you need is a few dedicated friends or family members, a desire to have a perfect lawn year round and hire Mojave Curb and Turf to professionally install your artificial grass.

MCT Program

MCT Program

Lic. Contractor Guided Instructions

MCT has developed this program to allow homeowners the affordability and confidence to assist with their own synthetic grass system. Homeowner to purchase artificial turf and all supplies needed for installation from local supplier. MCT will professionally install the artificial grass per phase III - Basic Installation Process for only $3.99 per sq. ft. (200 sq. ft. minimum).

Phase I: Demo

1) Design layout
2) remove existing sod
3) Remove an additional 3″ inches of soil ( 5″ inches total )
4) Retro fit existing sprinkler lines to drip system or cap lines
5) Install drains if required
6) MCT to inspect and sign off on phase I

Phase II: Foundation Prep

1) Backfill project area with class II road base
2) Level area to finish grade
3) Compact road base with plate compactor (1600 psi)
4) Compact DG into road base for final compaction
5) Install border edging as required
6) Order artificial turf through MCT
7) MCT to inspect and sign off on phase II
8) Purchase artificial grass and supplies needed for installation

Phase III: Mojave Curb and Turf – Basic Installation Process

1) Layout dimensions on back side of turf
2) Rough cut turf to conform to perimeter of project area
3) Anchor turf using 5″ 40d nails
4) Seam splices if required (*additional charge)
5) Make final trim cut around perimeter, planter beds or trees
6) Lock-in edging around perimeter
7) Install in-fill as required and brush turf blades to an upright position

All installations must adhere to our process listed above and pass work inspection intervals to have a valid warranty by the MFG.